Vortex Festival – Grabouw, ZA

Ah the festive season. This is usually the time of year in the Hog calendar where the band usually goes on holiday from being Hogs. We never practice in this time and with the exception of the few of us who get together to partake in the Christmas festivities, we don’t really have much contact with each other. Needless to say we weren’t really prepared for this show mentally and physically. Most of us were still recovering from the Christmas party. Ross was definitely not looking very healthy, and I had somehow managed to break my rib on Boxing Day. On top of all of this we were playing a show at the renowned Vortex New Years trans party. We’ve all been to one or two, but we never in our wildest dreams imagined that us, or any other live bands for that matter, would one day be playing a show there. All of that aside, the show was actually a lot better than I expected. There were a shit load more people than I expected for one, and I have no idea what the sound was like off stage, but apart from the excruciating pain that I had to endure from my broken rib during the set, we were all quite tight and ended up having a pretty decent show. The band thing worked out really well at this festival and I hope they decide to do it every year.