Rocking the Daisies – Darling, ZA – Cloof Wine Estate

Ok, apart from our show itself, I have very few positive things to say about this weekend. I’m not trying to take a dig at the organisers, from an organisation point the festival was extremely well run. There were toilets, Food stalls and everything else you could possibly hope for aplenty. In fact everything was so well run that it felt like it hardly felt like a music festival at all – It was a festival for people that don’t really like festivals. Look, Rocking the Daisies has really come a long way from the humble little party that we played in 2006, but with all the over-top-facilities and conveniences (there were evidently hair straighteners in the girls washrooms) it has lost all of the idiosyncrasies and charms that make going to a festival fun in the first place. I want to see people totally drunk and out of control, caked in 3 days worth of festival dirt, throwing away their name and making total asses of themselves – it makes me feel at home. Rocking the Daisies was more like a fashion parade at the Assembly filled with privileged white kids trying to be hipsters. I wasn’t feeling the vibe. The show itself wasn’t too bad, especially seeing as I had unintentionally gotten myself involved in an all-nighter the night before and I’m sure my voice wasn’t at it’s best. Afterwards the fest just got worse. The weather was miserable and then I got wasted, lost all my friends and ended up stuck by a huge bonfire with some weirdo with a swastika tattoo and an acoustic guitar, not knowing where anyone was and too cold to leave the fire to look for them. Not my favourite festival experience so far and probably not in a hurry to go back there.