Obsfest – Observatory, ZA

Mike couldn’t make the show, so we had to get our friend, Kesivan Naidoo, to fill in on the drums. The whole band thing was a bit of a change this year too. Normally they just had one free stage at the end of lower main road and everyone just partied in the street. This year they split the bands up into different stages, the main stage, where we played was on a field around the corner where they were charging an entry fee of R10. Ok, it’s not a huge amount to pay and you weren’t really continually hassled by pickpockets, but I still preferred the vibe of having the party in the street. Then again the flip side of that was that there was also a beer tent in the new area so I guess what you lose on the swings you gain on the round-a-bout. We played really well especially considering that we were playing with a different drummer, but the vibe was really great. Of all the other bands, I only managed to catch the Rudies set and their vibe was just as cool. It was quite a complete opposite from the previous night’s experience where the two bands also shared the same bill. Afterwards we all went back to the Rude house to celebrate where I ended up falling in the swimming pool while attempting to catch blowfish with my little rod – It’s a long story.​