Mini Tour – Johannesburg, ZA – Town Hall

By the time we got to Joburg, Sean Snout was really sick. The first thing he did when we got to our accommodation was to puke all over the toilet. We went out for dinner and brought some flat coke and dry toast for him to try and get him to keep something in his stomach. We tried to go to the venue as late as possible so that Snout could get some rest so by the time we arrived, the place was already pumping and we were far too sober (although the beer, tequila and whiskey backstage soon took care of that). The thing I love most about Joburg is people love to make sure all your needs are met there. Apart from all the booze, I was offered 3 different type of hard drugs and this was all in half an hour before our show while I was sitting backstage. The show was great, played another hour and a half set mixed with old favourites and new songs that seemed to go down really well. Snout miraculously pulled it out of the bag and rocked out like a trooper. Afterwards we partied quite hard with the occasional naked stage dive… in the van. The next morning after very little to no sleep, I said good-bye to the lads and carried on for the whole rest of the day causing me to very nearly miss my flight to London that evening. Good times.