Mini Tour – Durban, ZA – The Winston Pub

Durban is a strange place. It is definitely an acquired taste. I didn’t get it the first few times we toured there. I couldn’t understand the accents, nor could I tell if people were being friendly to us or if they were trying to insult us. The place really does grow on you though and now it’s probably one of our favourite places to be in SA. No one ever makes any money playing in Durban, but it’s worth it just for the people and the warm winter weather. During the flight, Sean Snout started feeling a little sick and by the time we arrived at the club he was completely man down in the van. We’d never played the Winston before, but the place is an institution and we had always wanted to. By the time the show started it was packed. We played an extremely hot and sweaty hour and a half  set introducing some new songs that we’d never played before. The crowd was going wild and because the Winston is a little on the intimate side, it was absolute chaos – these are the kinds of shows that we love most. Afterwards the Durban kids kept the party going until well into the next morning. In fact, the party was still pumping still at 4am when we left. We would have stayed if we didn’t have to drive to Joburg first thing in the morning. Love this city.