Fishpaste & Vibe

JIM – He’s just a boy he’s just a kid, don’t wanna be all grown up yet he’s got his thoughts and he’s got his dreams don’t wanna conform to society aaah so naive lives in a world of make-believe but no one cares in reality they crush the hopes of a prodigy why don’t you give him just one more try aaah one more try you got a good thing going don’t watch it die aaah one more try they tell the boy that his dreams are false and he should be like everyone else soon constraints and discouragement will leave him scars that are permanent aaah so naive lives in a world of make-believe but no one cares in reality they crush the hopes of a prodigy.

WASTED – When I go out it doesn’t matter where as long as what I only know I hope I’ll find’s there booze galore that’s going fairly cheap it’s better even when it’s for free (CHORUS) I love getting wasted I love being too far gone to see I love getting wasted I’m drunk I’m blind and now I am free If there’s a crowd of people well that’s just fine but I prefer talking to my whiskey and wine I don’t care what it is I do, as long as I am far more wasted than you (CHORUS) when Harry comes around I feel I start to sink into a world of wastedness where I can’t think never been a time when I thought to draw the line even when my body’s dead the thirst’s still in my mind la la la … etc. me like to go out and get as drunk as can be you know me love the point at where me lekker irey drinking beer, wine and a whiskey but never no no never forget me Tassies don’t need to talk to woman ain’t got no need for girls me drink and never stop and then me puke I love getting wasted I’m too gone to see I love getting wasted I’m drunk and now I’m free.

THE POPSTAR EXPLOSION – A poet can say anything he wants just as long as he is saying something you’ve got the medium and ability but there’s a void where the message is supposed to be but hey na na na na na na na na na you don’t care (CHORUS) hey popstar what’s the deal, in your little world don’t you feel hey popstar look so fine, songbooks filled with empty lines fortune, fame, and popularity are mindless goals that you’ve cheated to achieve but hey na na na na na na na na na you don’t care (CHORUS) an interesting thing happened drawing ‘toon swear words of lightning a match ignited in my face, and I saw the light (CHORUS) you’ve got the girls and the glory even though you know you’re boring give ‘em what they want, you think you’re being nice? you sell your soul to compromise how do you feel deep inside when all you’ve ever done’s a lie we’ve got the minds and we’ve got the truth which you’ll never hear ’cause we won’t become you! (CHORUS).

NKOSI CONCERTINA – Well here we are and here we’ll stay so everyone come out and play don’t have to look much further than our noses to have everything we need and that’s okay if I had the choice of where I’d wanna be right now I’d choose to be right here in new SA I love the beach the hills and all of the mountains there is no place that I would rather be well here we are and here we’ll stay so everyone come out and play I know for sure there’s no doubt about it that the new SA is just the place for me braaivleis, Castle, boerewors, Klipdrift, rugby, poetjiekos yswa imithan dazo yethu Nkosi Sikelela thina lsopo lwayo.

TIMEBOMB – Narrow mindedness will be the downfall of all human kind you only like what’s been liked before and the conformity destroys your mind what gives you the right to say that I am wrong when I wanna bit of punk in a ska song we’re tryna break the sick monotony in your life but all we get from you is criticism and strife trapped inside a fog of mainstream and you will never see the light of day within the walls of regulation you will slowly fade away (REPEAT PARAGRAPH TWO) conditioned by popular beliefs that are restricting you, you don’t know anything at all the more you learn then the more that you will see that there’s a world outside your wall x2 you don’t know anything at all there’s a world outside your wall.

SORRY NO CHIX – We’re gonna do what we wanna do God only knows where it’ll take us to when we go out and it’s party time we just don’t need you to bitch and whine we don’t wanna end ’cause we’re just hard-core when you wanna go home then we want more you say you can’t go on and you wanna go home go call your mother on the telephone if you can’t take the pace don’t come cry to me ’cause you’re not my responsibility Sorry no chicks we don’t want any chicks sorry no chicks you sorry little stupid ass bitch We don’t mean to hurt, we don’t intend to cause bad vibes or to offend this songs not about discrimination of sex ’cause gender’s unimportant here SORRY NO CHICKS (This song is not a sexist song, if you don’t understand it and are offended, then don’t listen to it!)

HOGMOSH – For hogs, for centuries, for fishpaste avo on the roof, oh what a waste Bob Skeetman left right, Simon’s out that’s wrong that’s right I lost Mr pajamas, what a double fishpaste on the rocks kydrolics rhonomous jou ma se pototomous where is the point to this song it’s just about a minute long Jimmy eats fishpaste Simon hates peanut butter on his face must need maximum fishbreath too much fishvibe will cause death the breakfast vibe is fishpasted ow√™ de blah! what the fishpaste? fishpaste and vibe!

PARADISE – Time is told by when the sun goes down and the moon lights up the sky free from this callous world where nothing’s gonna make you cry ’cause that’s where you and I will be a place just made for you and me is it any wonder why I think we should get away we should find a place where we can get away a paradise in the sand we should find a place where we can get away walking hand in hand tranquil sounds of paradise blow on the gentle breeze we’ll catch fish a suntan and a tropical disease.

THE BLUE MOON TUNE – I feel your eyes on me confusion well tell me what do you see you saw me living my life oh so happily I am letting myself oh so happily well I saw you watching me at night you think it’s cool but it’s not right don’t be scared and don’t look back you see me jump around and make a lot of noise shouting drunken chirps at the top of my voice but I still see you just watching me start letting go man set yourself free start letting go man so happily

NINE & A HALF – You think you’ve got it all you think you’ve got it right you got your image sorted out and living your own life you think you’ve got the facts you know your wrong from right wonder when everyone else will see the light Inside you know just let it show you’re not what you say it’s a false pretense but you persist with what you think is self defense you’re so mixed up you haven’t got a clue you fight yourself from knowing what’s true inside you know just let it show you wake up everyday and you put on your smile get all dressed up just to suit your style a mask protective covering camouflage the child within take a look in the mirror and see the face of one who to himself is a big disgrace a fake a fraud a masquerade neglected conscience not decayed so don’t just let it be you got to get it right find don’t fight the truth inside a never ending battle just to be free just don’t defend the things you don’t believe inside you know just let it show.

PORKY’S SONG – 1 3 Porky … Dank!