Sean Snout

Sean is the oldest member in the band. He was born 24 June, is half Afrikaans and was once in the Airforce. He started out his musical career by unsuccessfully auditioning for a celtic folk thrash band called Ravenwolf. He comes across as being the quiet reserved one in the Hogs, but get him on a good day and he will not only surprise you… he will scare the shit out of you! He once played or at least tried to play a gig on acid in which he broke a bass string that took him an hour and a half to fix by which time the rest of the band had passed out. He gets very cranky when he doesn’t get to wash his hair every day on tour and after all this time spent on the road with the Hogs, no one has ever known Sean to take a dump. We think he secretly does it when we are all sleeping, but then again, Sean Snout is more than a mere mortal, he might not need to. Sean shows an unhealthy obsession for British comedy and can have entire conversations by just quoting lines from Blackadder. His favourite meal is either a plainsman or a double dingbat and mash. Sean is also a computer nerd and an animal lover currently residing with an army of about 20 cats.

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