Sean DV

We first decided we wanted Sean in the band when we found him passed out on the floor in front of the bar at a festival. He is the newest and youngest addition to the Hog family and until he joined the band, he used to think that Guinness tasted like burnt toast. He was born in the UK and describes himself on his Twitter page as an Illustrator, Designer, Drummer, Knobend. He is actually an extremely talented designer and illustrator with an obsession for drawing disturbingly elaborate penises, and who is also responsible for most of the Hog Hoggidy Hog designs and artwork. He can also be a bit of a knobend sometimes too. Sean is an avid Playstation gamer who is not very fond of reading… even if it’s in a playstation game. He has an extreme phobia of using public restrooms which always causes him a lot of discomfort on tour. He is a really nice guy, but extremely shy and talking to people he doesn’t know makes him anxious in way that is often extremely amusing to watch. He constantly makes these amazingly profound statements that we call DVisms. We have started documenting them and will hopefully one day publish a book which he will probably never read.

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