Mork Rock

Mork comes from the town of Worcester making him the most Afrikans member of the band. He first became friends with the Hogs by letting an extremely drunk Miss Daive (old Hog drummer) sleep on his couch for the night. Davie was also unemployed and homeless and ended up living on Mork’s couch for about six months. Mork, who’s real name is actually Mark but was given the name Mork by Davie, started out handling security on the stage for the Hogs, but when he progressed to restringing guitars and fetching them drinks they started calling him management… this name kind of stuck because now he’s the manager.  Mork is larger than the average man and blames the fact that he doesn’t like sleeping over at festivals on this. He spent a while living in East London (which is incidentally the only place in SA worse than Worcester). He has a passion for food and runs a bistro called The Depot in Salt River and when he’s not downloading pirated movies or managing the Hogs, this is where you will find him.

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