Lee Lips

Lee is a full-time jazz musician who’s recent foray into the world of jazz club management caused him to almost stop liking jazz altogether. He has an impressive collection of hats (second only to Sean Snout), he enjoys doing yoga and hates wearing shorts. He comes from Scottish stock evident in his fiery temperament and bushy beard. His first gig with the Hogs was at a Goth club with a bunch of metal bands. We think this might have affected him psychologically as since then he only ever dresses in black. After almost a decade of not drinking he managed to kick the habit of sobriety and we are all extremely proud of him. His stepmom is the Idol’s judge and famous singer, Mara Louw who introduced him to the world of jazz as a young boy. She also introduced him to Hugh Masekela who gave him his first trumpet that was eventually destroyed during a typically chaotic moment on stage during a Hogs set.

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