George Bacon

George’s father is a minister and his mom is a teacher. His birthday is on the 16th January, he’s half Greek and doesn’t enjoy short jokes. Bakes, as he is affectionately known in the band, started off his music career in an elementary school musical in 1987 playing the role of a black African gardner. He chipped his front teeth trying to drink whiskey out of the bottle too fast and he has a really bad habit of putting things in his mouth due to a possible oral fixation. He suffers from short term memory loss resulting in him constantly forgetting the words to songs he’s been singing for over 10 years, but this is compensated by his impressive long term memory and super human resistance to alcohol black-outs. He has lived in Chicago, Cape Town, Berlin and London and notoriously enjoys getting naked at inopportune moments. His first memory of wanting to be a singer was when his parents took him to meet Cliff Richard for the first time at the age of 3. Incidentally at this meeting young Bakes was so eager to impress that he dressed up in his smartest clothes using the belt from his dressing gown as a tie. The one thing he remembers was how impressed Sir Cliff was with this tie and, well shortly after this encounter the skinny tie mysteriously became a major fashion trend. We obviously don’t know for sure if George was in fact the cause of this fad, but it does all seem pretty likely. Either that or he was just being super hipster by doing things before they were cool decades before it was even cool to do things before they were cool.

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