Amos Keeto

Amos’ real name is Adrian, but we mostly call him Skeet, Amos or Aids, at one point his nickname mutated to HIV, but not for long because he’s one of those people who picks up new nicknames very easily. No one really knows where the name Amos Keeto came from, his original Hog moniker was Adrian Trotter, but some girls started calling him Amos Keeto and it sort of stuck. When he’s not playing music, he is also a surfer, guitar hero aficionado and a 3d animator. Along with George and Sean, he is one of the founding members of the band. He was born on August 8 and started his musical career playing in a thrash metal band called Cerebral Frenzy. He once drank a bottle of George Bacon’s urine backstage in Slovenia. He pretended he didn’t know and acted all pissed off about it but we also know that, as a child, he used to drink his own urine, sometimes combined with his sister’s – we think it is a fetish. A thumb injury once destroyed his promising break dancing career and he has an uncanny knack for always finding prime parking spaces. He has never been on time for anything in his life, in fact he is the most consistently unreliable person that you could ever hope to meet, which ironically makes his unreliability reliable. We all hate him for this, but keep him around because he’s extremely photogenic and kak funny when he’s drunk.

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