About Us:

It’s been two decades since a bunch of young delinquents calling themselves Hog Hoggidy Hog first walked onto the stage at the legendary Purple Turtle. Back then it was nothing more than an idea, not in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined the journey on which we were about to embark.

Since our inception on 24 June 1995, we were determined not to be purist about the style of music we played. The Cape Town underground music scene was very much a part of who we were and although it was mostly our common love of punk, ska and metal that brought us together, and the direction our music would take was pretty obvious, we didn’t want this to limit us in terms of musical style. The theory was that by listening to what actually moved us regardless of what it actually was that we were listening to, we could somehow extract something visceral that transcends genre, apply it to what we know and make something that was entirely our own. The kind of music we set out to make was always going to be loud and obnoxious and it was always going to be live music. We wanted our music to smell of dank mouldy clubs, sweat and spilt Black Label, we wanted to capture an energy so pure that it would make you want to down your beer and dive head first into a moshpit with little regard for the consequences. Whether we achieved any of this or not is a matter of opinion, but to this day it’s still pretty much the approach we take to song writing and we call it PORKROCK!

For the most part of our career the Hogs have been outsiders, always on the wrong side of what is perceived to be cool, however, this is exactly where we feel most comfortable – The other side of cool is where we thrive! We’ve watched as other bands rise and fall, trends come and go and music genres fall in and out of favour and yet nearly two decades later we’re still here and we are stronger than ever!

Everything this band has done has been done our way and on our own terms. There is no secret or formula to our success as we have never tried anything other than simply being ourselves. This has become more than just a band, we are a family. It was never about making money and has even become about more than just making music. It is something that we created, something that we can own and has become a very large part of who we are as individuals. It has been a wild ride that has fundamentally changed each and every one of our lives… It’s debatable whether it’s changed us for the better or not, but one thing is for sure. If we had to do it all again, we wouldn’t change a fucking thing.

The Hogs are:

  • George W Bacon – Vocals
  • Amos Keeto – Guitar
  • Sean Snout – Bass guitar
  • Lee Lips – Trumpet
  • Ross Dabone McDonald – Trombone
  • Sean DV – Drums
  • Mork Rock – Manager

Past Members:

  • Peter Porker – Drums (1995-1996)
  • Robin Porkchop – Drums (1996-1997)
  • Miss Davie – Drums (1997-2003)
  • Mike Horne – Drums (2003-2008)

Touring Band:

  • Peter Porker – Drums
  • Darren Carikas – Bass
  • Chris Crackling – Guitar
  • Chris Marquardt – Trumpet
  • Cezar Swine – Trombone


If you would like to know more about the back story and history of the band, some extremely kind and altruistic individual (or group of individuals) has painstakingly written it all out in great detail for you on Wikipedia. We have checked it and made sure all the facts are accurate.


  • Popstar Explosion (Single 1996 Way Cool Records)
  • Timebomb (EP 1996 Way Cool Records)
  • Fishpaste & Vibe (Full-length 1997 Way Cool Records)
  • The Happy Medium (EP 2000 Hogmosh Music)
  • Driving Over Miss Davie (Full-length 2001 Hogmosh Music)
  • Naked (EP 2003 Hogmosh Music)
  • Oink! (Full-length 2004 Hogmosh Music)
  • Method to the Madness (Full-length 2008 Bellville Records / 2011 Pulse Music EU)

Press Reviews:

LMG Magazine 2013
Not only does Hog Hoggidy Hog produce ska punk that is consistently up there with the best in the genre, they also wear their African roots proudly, creating a sound that truly sets them apart.

SA Music Scene Magazine 2013
What a privilege to lose control and submit to porkrock as Hog Hoggidy Hogs do what they do best. The Hogs reads their crowd like a book and know how to handle them. Despite the wind, the crowd flocked to experience the Hog love. Such legends.

Mahala Magazine 2012
The venue packed with people who came to pay their respects to a band that inspired and brought joy for years. They were all there, the young punks and rude boys, the long-haired metalheads, grizzled gentlemen well into their forties, the somewhat less-grizzled wives of the gentlemen, and all of them swirled in a flurry of dance, grins and spilling beer. The Hogs themselves were, as always, on top form, delivering a face-melting two-hour set, brimming with singles, guest appearances and almost forgotten classics.

Mit seinem ausgefeilten, höchstmelodischen Mix aus Alternative Rock, (Hardcore-) Punk, Ska, Reggae und tradionellen afrikanischen Klängen, kreiert das Sextett einen höchst eigenständigen High-Energy-Sound, der wie eine Bombe einschlägt. Blendend eingespielt, treffen fetzige Gitarrenläufe auf partytaugliche Off-Beat-Attacken, messerscharfe Bläserriffs und erstklassigen mehrstimmigen Gesang. (With its sophisticated, highly melodic mix of alternative rock, (hardcore) punk, ska, reggae and traditional African sounds, the sextet creates an extremely high-energy sound that strikes like a bomb. Brilliantly recorded, great guitar lines meet off-beat party attacks, razor sharp brass riffs and first class singing and harmonies.)

The Hogs have become an institution in South African music, although they have mostly preferred to steer clear of mainstream circles in the past, they are regarded by their ever-growing fanbase as legends of the underground and are by far one of the most popular and well-known bands to ever come out of it.

Die Volksblad September 2010
Die album is net weer ’n bewys van hoekom die naam Hog Hoggidy Hog steeds sterk in die plaaslike musiekbedryf staan en hoekom jy beslis jou hande op dié briljante album moet kry… (This album is yet another example as to why the name Hog Hoggidy Hog is still holds such a high standing in the music industry today and why you should definitely get your hands on this brilliant album).

Clink Music Magazine 2009
What Francis Coppola is to the godfather, Hog Hoggidy Hog are to the South African music scene. They epitomized a genre fused with ska, punk, thrash with a touch of jazz but not forgetting their roots and incorporating an African feel. And as quick as they exploded onto the music scene of the 1990’s, they were just as quickly lapped up by fans and people all over the country. Leaving a trail of utter debauchery, trashed venues, bad hangovers, naked stage performances, blood noses, black eyes and countless empty cans.

CHANNEL24 2006
Oink is an impressive mix of styles such as punk and ska, and a fresh brass section that might remind you of Madness. From their opening Psycho Reptiles-like intro to their carefully thought out cover of Johnny Clegg’s “Great Heart”, Hog Hoggidy Hog convincingly show their roots. If you’ve ever witnessed Hog Hoggidy Hog’s (HHH) live act, you know that they’re all about being 100% Hogcore.

BLUNT Magazine 2005
If I had ten thumbs, they would all be up right now. This band has so much energy and craziness live, and every single ounce of it gets poured completely into this release, there is absolutely nothing missing here. This full length is mature and perfectly rounded, the brass section is incredible and George¹s vocals are stronger than ever backed by some solid guitar work.

If there were any doubt that the Hogs are the godfathers of South African punk, Oink! dispels it once and for all. Hog Hoggidy Hog have been around for 8 years, almost single-handedly keeping the Cape Town punk scene alive during that time.

Great Album. I rate it as one of the best albums any band in the world has released recently. I really dig the bass riffs. Songs like John and Philips Song and Crack Whore kick huge amounts of ass. Listening to this album gets the adrenalin flowing.

Stage Magazine 2000
Hog Hoggidy Hog have kept the Cape Town scene alive with their Nofx-style of punk and ska.

KERRANG Magazine 1998
South Africa is not known for exporting top-notch rock bands. Thankfully Hog Hoggidy Hog look set to shake things up with the release of ‘Fishpaste & Vibe’, their bulldozing, beer-chugging debut album. Effortlessly covering all the bases from ska-punk to reggae to metal, they weld Sublime’s skanking swagger to the Misfits’ most monumental moments. As bizarre as they are brilliant, all HHH need now is to be heard. Make way for the bacon.

Cosmopolitan Magazine 1997
…The Asylum Kids meet The Offspring in the Mosh Pit! Fast, loud and funny surf rock from Cape Town, where alarmingly, there is once again a punk scene’. With slicky harsh vocals and some lovely ska licks, the Hogs are the illegitimate sons of all the disreputable bands of the 80s, and endearing with it.

The Cape Times 1996
…Hog Hoggidy Hog were an energetic whirlwind on stage…