EURO TOUR 2012 – DAY 13-14 Göttingen, DE – Juzi

On Wednesday night we cooked the ladies at whose house we were staying an epic traditional South African meal to thank them for their hospitality. Then it was up early in the morning to make the long drive from London, through France, Belgium and Holland to get to our destination in Göttingen, Germany. We had a few setbacks and ended up getting there 3 hours late only to discover that the opening band (who was supplying the backline) had pulled out. Luckily there was some gear downstairs and we managed to sort everything out without too much hassle.

The club Juzi is really cool. Run by and frequented by “full-time” punks. We played there for the first time in 2005 and we all love the place. The people were all really friendly and seemed to really like the band. Once again in Europe people are never satisfied by an hour length set so even though it was really late, we still had to exhaust our repertoire of encores before being allowed to leave the stage. We also invented the new extreme sport of wheelie bag skating, which I am sure we irritated a hell of a lot of people with in our drunken state at 3 am this morning through the streets of Göttingen. We have two more shows to go, and we’re now hitting the last stages of the tour. I’m now in Schoonhoven in the Netherlands where the show is tonight, still wearing the same socks and boxers that I’ve been wearing since Tuesday’s show as I haven’t actually had the opportunity to change them yet. Gotta love show business!

DAILY DVISM: “Sean Snout is pretty unique, there just aren’t that many old Sean’s around.”