EURO TOUR 2012 – DAY 11-12 Shoreditch, London, UK – Bedroom Bar

Once again last night was great. London shows are always a lot of fun and so cool when people know the words to the songs, but at £4.50 for a single Jamesons, I’m quite looking forward to getting back to Germany. Once again, not many native English people, in fact I met more Germans and Spaniards last night than Londoners, but everyone that was there had a great time. Yesterday we all split up and did our own thing. London central is a lot like Cape Town in that it has a vibrant mix of different cultures that really make the city come to life. After being in continental Europe for so long, it was really comforting, albeit highly ironic, seeing so many African and Indian people again. Off to Camden now for an overpriced English ale or two. It’s gotta be done.

DAILY DVISM: “He has pointy earlobes, he looks a bit like an upside down pixie.”