So here we go here we go here we go. Another Hogs European tour has begun, Sean DV and Ryan (Who is filling in for Sean Snout on bass for the tour) arrived on Thursday morning. DV’s symbols were put on the wrong plane in Paris (only the Hogs could lose equipment in Paris on a flight from Cape Town to Berlin). This left us nothing better to do than sit around and drink beer in the airport parking lot the whole morning. Once we finally got our stuff back. I took the guys on a bit of a tour around Berlin where the guys were given a very decent introduction to the Berlin lifestyle such as spätkaufs, public drinking and döner kebaps.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty much like one would expect to feel when one starts one’s day drinking beer in a parking lot before breakfast. It certainly wasn’t the best frame of mind to be in whist trying to organise all the things for the tour I had inevitably left until the last minute. We spent the majority of the day practicing, as we hadn’t played together since April. Martin, a local guy filling in for Ross at the last minute had never even met most of the guys yet, but things eventually didn’t sound too bad considering

The show at Lovelite was pretty average. Luckily the majority of the audience seemed to be South African and obviously knew our music. It was billed as an African festival and in staying true to the theme everything ran two hours late. Foo Fanick & One Root were really cool. The film was well received and apart from a few understandable dodgy moments and me almost completely losing my voice by the 3rd song, we didn’t really do too badly all things considered. It’s day two of the tour, I already have no voice left and we have 37 Euros to our name. Gotta love show business. Now we on the highway to Halle!