DEATH OF POP VI 2009 (the king is dead) – Wynberg, ZA – Wynberg Sports Club

For the uninitiated, the Death of Pop shows have been around for ten years now. What basically happens is that a ridiculous amount of bands of mixed alternative persuasions get together on one day and make their own versions of mainstream or pop songs. The theme this year, seeing as the king of pop himself had recently passed away, was Micheal Jackson. At least one of the bands had to have a MJ song in their repertoire. We hadn’t had much time to prepare for this and quite honestly on what was going to be last practice before the show, we were sucking. We decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to get another rehearsal in, but even after that our set wasn’t sounding that great. However, on the night we somehow pulled it out of the bag and miraculously had an absolutely awesome show, we were all extremely pleasantly surprised and the audience seemed to be having a great time too. All in all the entire show was great fun and, if there is one, I definitely recommend checking Death of Pop out next year.​