Braai of Pain – Cape Town, ZA – House of Pain

Our contract with Rocking the Daisies stipulated that we couldn’t play any other shows in and around Cape Town within a certain time period before or after the festival. It’s a pretty standard festival clause, but because we were only all going to be in the country for 3 weeks, it meant that Rocking the Daisies was going to be our only show in the mother city. About a week before this show our good friends from the House of Pain asked us if we would play a secret set at their Braai Day party. A backyard party at the foot of Table Mountain with all of our friends, lots of beer and some of the coolest bands in Cape Town. You can’t really go wrong with that. Plus the fact that it was totally illegal made it all that much more enticing. I got there pretty early to check out some of the other bands and I am glad I did. It was the first warm day of spring, the sun was out, the vibe was awesome. Everyone seemed to know each other, like one big extended family reunion. There was no stage, just a basic PA set up in the garden, but it was still pretty loud. The cops did turn up once or twice because of the noise, but evidentially Jon Shaban bought their silence with a couple of dops and a TV! Our set was pretty rusty, but still cool. I normally hate doing daytime shows because it’s harder to have an energetic show in the sun, but on this day, the atmosphere was pretty unbeatable. I had to leave pretty soon after the show because I had a tattoo appointment (getting tattooed when you are drunk is not nearly as much fun as you think it might be) but judging by my Facebook newsfeed the next day everyone who was there felt pretty much the same as I did about the party. What a great day for our first show of the year on South African soil. Another one next year please!