Hogs in Camden Town, UK

Due to popular demand, Hog Hoggidy Hog will be bringing the magic of porkrock to London, this time at The Black Heart in Camden Town. It’s going to be Chris Crackling’s birthday so FREE ENTRY before 21:00 and a £5 thereafter. Opening the bill on the night will be fellow South Africans, Delayed. So if you’re in or around Londinium get your asses to Camden Town this Saturday night. Spread the word!


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The Pork Stork Strikes Again!


We are not entirely sure what has been in the beer this band has been drinking recently, but we are happy to announce yet another addition to the Hog family. George Bacon’s son, Draco was born today. Now that 3 of the Hogs have now had children we are halfway to our goal of producing the next generation of Hog Hoggidy Hog who will one day take over from us and carry on the tradition with their kids ensuring that the band will carry on for all eternity. God forbid.

New Website (beta version)

Hi guys. Finally it is here the brand new look Hog Hoggidy Hog website. We are still in beta mode and will be adding a few more things as we go along. Including a shop section where you will be able to get hold of all the latest Hog merch and music. in the meantime if there are any problems or suggestions on how we can improve the site, feel free to drop us a mail in the contact section. Enjoy!

Remembering Miss Davie

6 years ago today a member of the Hog Family was taken from us suddenly and senselessly. David Myburgh’s infectious personality made a large impact on the life of anyone that he came into contact with and was a big part of what made us who we are as a band. Miss Davie’s life story was an extremely tragic one, but his legend will live on through all the lives that he touched.


Hogs in London

Due to popular demand, Hog Hoggidy Hog will be bringing the magic of porkrock to London, this time at the Fighting Cocks in Kingston. Knowing how expensive the price of beer is in London, the Hogs are making this a completely free entry show! But that is not all, opening the bill on the night will be fellow South Africans, Delayed ,as well as local heroes, Anonymous Tip. South African expats and native Londoners alike are already in agreement that this will be a night not to be missed. Be there and be witness to the experience that is Hog Hoggidy Hog. See gig guide for more details.

Mini Tour – Johannesburg, ZA – Town Hall

By the time we got to Joburg, Sean Snout was really sick. The first thing he did when we got to our accommodation was to puke all over the toilet. We went out for dinner and brought some flat coke and dry toast for him to try and get him to keep something in his stomach. We tried to go to the venue as late as possible so that Snout could get some rest so by the time we arrived, the place was already pumping and we were far too sober (although the beer, tequila and whiskey backstage soon took care of that). The thing I love most about Joburg is people love to make sure all your needs are met there. Apart from all the booze, I was offered 3 different type of hard drugs and this was all in half an hour before our show while I was sitting backstage. The show was great, played another hour and a half set mixed with old favourites and new songs that seemed to go down really well. Snout miraculously pulled it out of the bag and rocked out like a trooper. Afterwards we partied quite hard with the occasional naked stage dive… in the van. The next morning after very little to no sleep, I said good-bye to the lads and carried on for the whole rest of the day causing me to very nearly miss my flight to London that evening. Good times.

Mini Tour – Durban, ZA – The Winston Pub

Durban is a strange place. It is definitely an acquired taste. I didn’t get it the first few times we toured there. I couldn’t understand the accents, nor could I tell if people were being friendly to us or if they were trying to insult us. The place really does grow on you though and now it’s probably one of our favourite places to be in SA. No one ever makes any money playing in Durban, but it’s worth it just for the people and the warm winter weather. During the flight, Sean Snout started feeling a little sick and by the time we arrived at the club he was completely man down in the van. We’d never played the Winston before, but the place is an institution and we had always wanted to. By the time the show started it was packed. We played an extremely hot and sweaty hour and a half  set introducing some new songs that we’d never played before. The crowd was going wild and because the Winston is a little on the intimate side, it was absolute chaos – these are the kinds of shows that we love most. Afterwards the Durban kids kept the party going until well into the next morning. In fact, the party was still pumping still at 4am when we left. We would have stayed if we didn’t have to drive to Joburg first thing in the morning. Love this city.

Rocking the Daisies – Darling, ZA – Cloof Wine Estate

Ok, apart from our show itself, I have very few positive things to say about this weekend. I’m not trying to take a dig at the organisers, from an organisation point the festival was extremely well run. There were toilets, Food stalls and everything else you could possibly hope for aplenty. In fact everything was so well run that it felt like it hardly felt like a music festival at all – It was a festival for people that don’t really like festivals. Look, Rocking the Daisies has really come a long way from the humble little party that we played in 2006, but with all the over-top-facilities and conveniences (there were evidently hair straighteners in the girls washrooms) it has lost all of the idiosyncrasies and charms that make going to a festival fun in the first place. I want to see people totally drunk and out of control, caked in 3 days worth of festival dirt, throwing away their name and making total asses of themselves – it makes me feel at home. Rocking the Daisies was more like a fashion parade at the Assembly filled with privileged white kids trying to be hipsters. I wasn’t feeling the vibe. The show itself wasn’t too bad, especially seeing as I had unintentionally gotten myself involved in an all-nighter the night before and I’m sure my voice wasn’t at it’s best. Afterwards the fest just got worse. The weather was miserable and then I got wasted, lost all my friends and ended up stuck by a huge bonfire with some weirdo with a swastika tattoo and an acoustic guitar, not knowing where anyone was and too cold to leave the fire to look for them. Not my favourite festival experience so far and probably not in a hurry to go back there.